Acne Extractions

Acne extraction can be an effective procedure to heal pimples faster, reduce future breakouts, and minimize the development of acne scars. When performed correctly, the extraction can remove comedones present in whiteheads and blackheads, thereby shortening the healing time of the breakout.

How it works?

  • The idea behind acne extraction is to carefully remove the comedones that have formed in the skin, to help the acne heal faster and prevent new breakouts from forming. In some cases, where the comedones have caused a pustule to form, the removal of the plug will reduce the size of the physical bump on the skin and will help get rid of the associated inflammation faster.
  • Acne extraction is an effective procedure for both breakout treatment, as well as prevention. For example, we regularly treat patients with severe breakouts by using pimple extraction. This helps get the breakout under control, and can be combined with other treatment options, like chemical peels and topical treatments, for faster improvement.
  • After the breakouts have subsided, maintenance acne extraction can be an effective tool for removing comedones before they become full-blown acne.