Lip Enhancements


  • The beauty of adding lip injection treatments extend further than just adding volume, it allows one to correct differences to create fuller, balanced, and attractive lips that you will absolutely adore.
  • It is important to choose the right clinic that has experienced and capable individuals as lips that are done poorly can impede lip form and function, bringing unwanted attention to the fact that there was a procedure conducted.

How it works?

  • This can easily be combated by trusting an injector who has a deep understanding of the anatomy and the impact any procedure has on surrounding facial features, allowing efficacy in this area will naturally allow the outcome of the procedure to come out uniform and natural looking. This is the sign of great cosmetic procedures, when no one can even notice you had anything done. Rest assured that at Heart Lake Cosmetic Dermatology you can expect a high level of expertise from our injectors. In fact, for most procedures, Dr. Gupta himself, a licensed dermatologist with the royal college of physicians and surgeons Canada with 10+ years of experience will actually be the injector.