Unwanted Hair

It can be embarrassing or frustrating to have too much hair, or hair in places we don’t want it. Temporary solutions for hair removal with shaving, waxing, threading, chemical depilatory creams or plucking can be painful, cause ingrown hairs and skin irritation, or nicks and pimples. For many people, laser hair removal can provide a safe, effective solution for permanent hair reduction.


  • our laser technicians are trained and supervised by Dr.Gupta The skin type and hair should be assessed by a certified practitioner: incorrect treatment can result in burns and permanent scarring.
  • In general, four or more treatments are required at each site to achieve permanent hair growth reduction. Darker hair (black, brown) responds best to the laser, while lighter hair (white, gray, or red) is poorly responsive. The best candidates are those with light skin colour with dark hair.